Sunday, June 25, 2017

Long awaited news update from Lubo Ebiker! :-)

Hello again to all of my blog visitors and guests! Yes, Lubo Ebiker is still alive and kicking or actually - riding or e-biking, so to speak. As a matter of fact  Lubo Ebiker, which happened to be me, is about to celebrate this year his 10th anniversary of e-biking for 10 long solid years of fun and Sun, pleasure and leisure, exploration and celebration! :-)

Ahh... What a wonderful years those have been!  2007 - my first e-bike. 2008 - 2009  - learning how to fix and maintain my first very own e-bike from Blue Avenue, first trips to explore Toronto´s beautiful suburbs with picturesque farms, lush green hills, fresher air and less busy country roads. 2009 - 2010  - getting more e-bikes for various experiments and my first job as e-bike sales and service at the largest in North America company Daymak plus starting this wonderful blog. 2011 and on - helping as e-bike mechanic at various smaller e-bike stores and workshops scattered throughout GTA including Electrowheel and Bike&Forth. 2012 - 2013 moving on tried and true e-bike´s wings out of town going up and up North, enjoying peaceful and beautiful Summers in Aurora and Richmond Hill further away from a noise of a big city while helping at another small e-bike store at the King City and Yonge. 2014 - exploring the e-bike friendly rides and passages to the lake Simcoe along with its pristine and not so crowded beaches and warmer clear waters. 2015 helping at the largest TO e-bike retailer E-bike Universe to successfully open another huge location in Scarborough while riding daily e-bike for almost 100km from Aurora to Scarborough and back exploring on weekends all local tracts and my ways all the way around lake Simcoe through Barry and Sutton up to Washago and Orillia, traveling to Muskoka, visiting famous tourists locations like Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Bala, then going to Georgian Bay all the way from Minden to Parry Sound. 2016 - moving back to Toronto helping at another good place in Etobicoke called EPrider and few more fishing and camping trips to the newly explored lakes around Parry Sound and throughout Muskoka and going far West to a famous Pinery Park on the shore of Huron Lake. And finally 2017 - a year for many more new destinations and explorations, among which is a trip to Owen Sound starting from famous Wasaga Beach, then hopefully reaching Tobermory and exploring Bruce Peninsula with its clearest in the world vividly blue-turquoise waters, grottoes and parks and forests along with long winding Bruce Trail all the way to Sauble Beach and beyond if weather and bike permit.

Meanwhile, it seems like the Summer 2017 season slowly but surely becomes less rainy and more warm, so time to get back to business and fix up some more bikes, only this time I finally decided to try and do it on my own, so here it is - new experimental service from Lubo Ebiker - mobile e-bike repairs! :-) After few months of tries and trials seems like the service is quite in demand, so makes sense to continue this experiment and help more people with their e-bike related problems. More can be learned about this from the Service menu on the top of this site.

With a new service came along a newly renovated, refreshed and reorganized blog and new inspiration to share some more stories, trips, tips and tricks with my fellow e-bikers, occasional guests and just curious blog visitors. New menu up there can take them now to some new previously unexplored areas, sites and places, so pay attention to the brief news updates that are to be published time to time here. Hopefully everyone will eventually find something useful and interesting for them here or at least some inspiration for new explorations, so good speed to all of my visitors and to my new beginnings. May all of this be a blessing to all of you, folks! Have a good and a safe trip!