Make good money doing deliveries for Pizza, Foodora, UberEats in the city
then spend some quality time far from the town and close to the Mother Nature
at virtually no cost (bike will pay for itself in the first couple of months or less). 

RANGER  E-BIKE for long range trips within 100-200km from GTA.

  • Real Range on a full single charge: 105km -150km (SLA), 150km-200km for 6kwh Lion or 200km-300km for 9kw lithium ion battery.
  • Speed: 32kph or more (if going downhill for instance*)
  • Acceleration: Under 6sec (SLA), 3sec for Lion to the top speed unloaded.
  • Climbing: Any hill road available in TO 
  • Load capacity: Practical - 100kg, nominal - 600kg (wheels and frame)
  • Weight: 85kg (including a single battery).
  • Battery: 72v SLA dual, triple or quadruple or optional 3, 6 or 9 kwh lithium battery.
  • Charging: Regular - 6 hrs or optional fast charging - 4hrs or ultrafast charging  - 3hrs
  • Base model: Daymak Eagle or Emmo Monster or similar heavy duty bike with rugged tires and strong Yamaha Rukus type open frame.

PIZZA  E-BIKE for speedy Pizza delivery unaffected by traffic.

Same as Ranger but with a trunk fitting the standard pizza delivery thermal package like the red one above.


COURIER  E-BIKE for fast bike based courier services.

Same as Ranger but fitted with smaller more secure, lockable and detachable, waterproofed trunk box for small packages and documents.


DELI  E-BIKE for small and time crucial deliveries like Ubereats, Foodora etc.

Same as Ranger but with more boxes  - front and rear and with side bags for rain accessories.


CUSTOM BUILT TRAILERS AND HITCHES for e-bikes like mobile solar charging power plants for receptacle independence, for extra-heavy cargo, for extra-long cross-province, cross-border or cross-country great trips and journeys or just for seasonal roaming around the province or state.


The pricing depends on customer´s needs and requirements and starts at $2900 for a basic dual SLA smaller battery model with two standard chargers and costs up to $3900 for the bike with reliable high quality long lasting lithium batteries from a hybrid car. Please, contact for exact amount for your particular case, needs and specs...

All bikes are special order and are built up to the customer´s requirements.There are no pre-built e-bikes or demos except the one experimental prototype I´m using personally for trips and e-bike repairs since 2015 to get to Muskoka, Parry Sound or other places far from Toronto.


The procedure order is simple: once the e-bike is ordered and specs discussed the customer buys the base e-bike, briefly tests it and prepays the previously agreed amount necessary to purchase all ordered extra parts and materials for performance and range upgrade and covers the labour. Then bike is assembled and delivered or picked by the customer. Simply like that.


It takes approximately 1 week or less to build, upgrade and road test for safety and usability the ordered model. 


Black Ranger. Also comes in Blue and Red colors.

Optional windshield for adverse weather conditions in Winter and for more comfortable ride in the night.
Matching black or silver helmets are also available for all kinds of weather.

Powerful LED lights with colored lights effects.

 Controller performance programmable using Android app over Bluetooth

Beefy Bluetooth programmable controller

Standard non-programmable controller for comparison

Digital speed and voltage gauges. Turn signals and headlight indicators.

Optional automotive grade capable and reliable lithium battery made by LG Chem in South Korea

Dual tail lights for safety. Rear Ranger view without the box.

Strong heavy duty metal rack to attach various boxes and accessories

Strong wheels with aluminum rims and durable tires for rugged terrain capable of 400kg each.

Delux version with sidebags, back support and LED strips for added safety and visibility.