Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finally Met An E-Bike I Liked...

The folks at Gentry Lane Automobiles had this Ultramotor A2B for the Toronto Motor Scooter Club to try out at their test ride day, and it was a hit. It's light, handled like an ordinary bike and more importantly, it's 7-speed Shimano derailleur made it a breeze to pedal. Li-Ion batteries give it a range of 45km.

To me, this is what an e-bike should be. I like being able to pedal, if I chose to, and I can see myself using human propulsion most of the time, reserving the electric motor as a boost when I need it.

With a typical top motor speed of 32kmh, I was able to get it faster by pedaling at the top gear. The ride was smooth, thanks to the dual-front and single rear suspension. Tires are nice and wide, making it a bit more streetcar-track-proof. It's perfect for the city and would help me getting up the escarpment to St. Clair.

Unfortunately, with a price tag of $3795, it's a little out-of-my- reach. Still, it's a stride forward - I can't wait till battery technology gets cheaper and bikes like these are within the budget range of everyone.

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