Saturday, September 18, 2010

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e-bike down

Uploaded by Roger Cullman on April 18, 2010
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e-bike down

Toronto, Ont. April 17, 2010: I parked my e-bike on the street yesterday afternoon. As it was likely to rain, I draped the rain cover over it and left it there for a few hours. Later that night, I returned to find it toppled over. It was pretty windy and I parked it on a street not far from the lakeshore.

I parked it with the back wheel to the curb, like other scooters and bikes do. But with the rain cover on, it likely got caught in a gust of wind, knocking it to the pavement.

It suffered a few cosmetic scratches and one of the back panels got dented in. When I lifted it upright, it kind of bounced back into shape, leaving no dent. But a small crack about four inches long remains. The worst of it is that the right pedal no longer rotates fully without scraping against the body of the bike.

Be careful out there. Be particularly mindful when parking your bike to the direction of the wind (although that may shift).

I wish apartment complexes had designated covered areas for bicycles, preferably with A/C outlets to plug in and charge. This would've prevented such an accident from happening.

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