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Lubo_Ebiker (Lubo Ebiker) shared a Flickr photo with you.

E-bike on Queen St. E.

Uploaded by Roger Cullman on April 25, 2008
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E-bike on Queen St. E.

As seen in this story on blogTO.
Toronto, Ont. April 21: Jason Krauskopf, 29, rides his e-bike to work every day since February. "It's governed to 32km per hour, so windchill's not a factor," says Krauskopf. "There's no license or insurance required and I get 50km on a charge, which uses 1 kilowatt-hour or 15 cents of electricity." He bought the bike at Kaymak (Richmond and Jarvis) for $1300 with taxes). "Technically, it's a power-assisted bicycle," says Krauskopf. "I beat most cars in traffic, driving from High Park to Queen and Jarvis in about 20 minutes. It's got plenty of storage too. I can fit eight 'tall-boys' under the seat." Photo ©Roger Cullman.
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