Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shimano kit converts regular bikes into e-bikes - Springwise

Published on 16 September 2010 in Transportation

Much the way Sähköautot–Nyt — now known as eCars-Now — aims to facilitate the conversion of standard Toyota Corollas into electric vehicles, so Shimano has developed a kit to help convert traditional bicycles into electric ones.
The new STEPS (Shimano Total Electric Power System) component kit is designed to preserve the feeling of the traditional bike while adding the parts necessary for delivering electrical power. A 250W electric motor can take bikes up to 25km per hour, while a regenerative braking function focuses on recharging the 24V/4.0Ah lithium-ion battery, such as when riders travel downhill. The battery is removable for charging, requiring just an hour to juice up when empty, Shimano says; it can be recharged more than 3,000 times, or every day for roughly eight years. Electric switch buttons for riding mode, display mode and a light switch, meanwhile, are integrated into the 4-finger brake levers, and cables with slim 5mm plugs allow easy internal frame routing. A removable cycle computer, finally, offers a clear and quick overview of all e-bike functions, including riding mode, battery power, speed and odometer.
Pricing on the STEPS kit has not yet been announced, but it's expected to become available in December. Bike-minded retailers around the globe: one to offer eco-minded commuters near you...? (Related: Folding electric two-wheeler offers new take on urban cyclingLightweight electric bike targets urban commuters.)
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Shimano kit converts regular bikes into e-bikes - Springwise


  1. will you please tell me how can i buy or send you the bill to send me akit converts reguularbikes into a e-bike

  2. If you are looking for that particular Shimano kit, I don't think they have it ready for sale, since it was announced only some couple of weeks ago. Besides, since this is pretty famous brand name, I'd expect the price tag to be quite high, somewhere around 700-1000 dollars initially. If any kit would work for you as long as the quality is good, then all I currently have is the one designed and made in Canada sold by the company I used to work at and still dealing with, so I can get you some better price here: Scroll down to an "E-bike in the box". The battery is heavier, than Shimano, but it also is at least 3 times more capable. All the rest is the same, except price is much lower and is similar to the average price for e-bike conversion kits. Or if you looking for something not so capable and really cheap, you can check this pretty famous place: I'm not affiliated with this guys, and not all the reviews are perfect about them as I've heard, especially about the shipping, but still, it's an option if Daymak is too expensive. BTW, that great price might not include shipping which is free for Daymak if you live in North America. Also they claim the motor is 450W but the size is exactly the same as similar motors on some bikes sold here in Toronto, which I know are 250W, so most likely the motor is 250W continuous power and 450W so called "peak" power you can get intermittently for a short time if you really can get. Daymak motors are hub type so they come built inside the wheel and come ready assembled in a box, so there's no headache with fitting and mounting to your bike and no noise.Also they are mounted instead of front wheel, so you don't have to mess with rear wheel and gearing and it pulls you better out of curvy turn. While those cheaper kits come with an external motor that sticks out a bit on the side. Batteries are the same as Daymak or smaller, so once again, that's all about the price. High priced low power Shimano, average priced Daymak with free shipping to Canada and US and some really chip kit to play with from parts guys. See what's the best for you and let me know if you'd like me to get one for you here from Daymak. If you order from me, I can personally take the time and professionaly test the kit and especially the battery to make sure you get a quality product and ship it to you wherever you are since I'm already shipping worldwide other parts I sell on e-bay for past few years. Cheers and good luck with your research! :) Lubo Ebiker

  3. Regarding the payment, you can pay directly to Daymak, but in this case I won't be able to test the kit and activate batteries, since they are going to ship it directly to you and they take only Visa or Master as far as I know. If you buy from me, you can pay by PayPal or any major credit card you normally use including American Express, Discovery, Dinners etc. You might be even able to pay with your debit card or wire money straight from your bank to my account. I'm sure we can work out any other viable payment solutions that would be easier for you, so it isn't a problem...