Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bike Europe - News: German Ministry of Transport Sees e-Bike Potential


German Ministry of Transport Sees e-Bike Potential

BERLIN, Germany - In a meeting with ECF President Manfred Neun (l.), Rainer Bomba, State Secretary in the German Ministry for Transport, was positively surprised by the progress in the state of technological development of electrically assisted bicycles. “We consider the ongoing developments of all electronic means of transport as steps in the right direction”, said Rainer Bomba.

Manfred Neun expects the German Ministry of Transport to support the introduction of ten million e-Bikes within the next ten years. “The benefit of introducing 10 million e-Bikes would be much higher than the introducing a million electric cars”, said Manfred Neun. “Such a growth in the field of e-Bikes calls for an extension of recharging stations, rental systems and more public space for all cyclists.”

Rainer Bomba commended the cycling industry for its outstanding presentation at Eurobike. Manfred Neun encouraged Rainer Bomba to take advantage of the competitive nature of the European Union’s internal market in order to promote cycle mobility in the Union’s member states with a “sportsmanlike ambition.”

Caption: ECF President Manfred Neun, Dagmar Meyer, Building and Urban Development Division within the German Federal Ministry of Transport, and ADFC Executive Director Horst Hahn Klöckner (from left to right).


Bike Europe - News: German Ministry of Transport Sees e-Bike Potential