Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Car Makers BMW & Mercedes Turning to Electric 2-Wheelers

LONDON, UK – Almost simultaneously BMW (Mini) and Mercedes (Smart) launched electric 2-wheeler concepts recently. Both are scooters, but in particular the Smart study model (photo) stands out as it looks like a very ‘light’ urban scooter.
It’s said that the Smart e-Scooter concept is closer to being a production reality compared to the one from Mini. In particular because it’s addressing people that are already targeted by Smart dealers as they are looking for short-range city transport.
BMW’s Mini car division unveiled its stylish electric scooter concept in London last Thursday (photo). Three different versions of the scooter concept were shown which are inspired by the Mini cars. Adrian Van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President of BMW Group Design who heads up the Munich-based design team behind the project, said:
“The Mini Scooter E Concept represents an electric vision of the future as urban mobility takes a new direction by Mini. The Mini Scooter E Concept is true to our brand values of distinctive design, intelligent functionality and customization and builds further on these characteristics by combining driving pleasure with sustainable technology into the first two-wheel concept of its kind for Mini.” Two out of the three new e-Scooter concepts will be on show at this week’s Paris Car show.

Paul Blezard