Sunday, October 3, 2010

E-bikers hold rally to get council to reverse trail decision

E-bikers hold rally to get council to reverse trail decision



Posted 3 days ago

Sunday afternoon a rally was held Sunday afternoon to show support for Collingwood's e-bikers, and the efforts of two local men to convince town council to reverse a decision keeping e-bikes off the municipal trail system.
"I just wish they got a little more information before they made their decision," said Don Deacon, whose e-bike is his primary mode of transportation to the hospital and around town.

Deacon, as well as Dave Coulter, another local e-biker who attended the rally, testified that they use e-bikes because they have disabilities that do not allow them to get around otherwise."We're not allowed on the sidewalks and it's too dangerous for us to be on the main roads, so the trails are our only safe choice," said David Moore, one of the rally's organizers. "If safety were at stake I could see their point, but it's not."
"Many cyclist go faster than we do," said Coulter.
"We're respectful. I always honk my horn at blind corners to let people know I coming," said Deacon. "I don't think they'd know otherwise, these bikes are so quiet."
Currently, a petition is being circulated in and around Collingwood in the hope of getting council to change its mind with regards to this issue.