Wednesday, October 13, 2010

E. China's Shandong Province Introduces E-bike Subsidy

    2010-10-13 19:25:53     Xinhua      Web Editor: Han
Shandong Province is the latest of 10 Chinese provinces to provide a subsidy
on rural e-bike purchases, and it was just the incentive Song Yingxue, a farmer
in the east China province, needed to buy a 2,410 yuan (361 U.S. dollars)
"luxury" - electric bicycle.

With the subsidy, which Shandong put into effect this week, rural consumers
like Song can get a 13-percent "discount" on e-bikes.

It used to take Song 50 minutes get to work on her old bicycle, but now
it only takes 20 minutes.

"I like the spot lamp best. It makes the bike safer than traditional ones, and
is very useful when riding on dark countryside roads," she said.