Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Electric Bikes Fight High Gas Prices


Stuart, Florida — What driver hasn’t been stuck in traffic, wishing that half the cars on the road would disappear? What driver hasn’t stopped by a gas station to fill ‘er up, only to wince at the sight of the price per gallon.
Electric bikes will feel a need, and entrepreneurs around the country are starting up e-bike shops to sell this relatively new mode of transport. (Ebikes aren’t new, but they are only now gaining popularity in the United States.)
Linda Gaudino is one of these entrepreneurs. She has started an online site to purchase ebikes, the Electric Bikeshop at
“Way cooler than you think, you can ride a bike, they really sell themselves because they’re so cool,” said Gaudino.
The bikes she sells run anywhere from 500 to 1500 dollars.  Online sales have been just as healthy as in store sales.
Gaudino said, “It’s really really neat, there’s an audience of billions online.”