Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ask Torontoist: Off The Road, E-Bike, or Whatever You Are!

Ask Torontoist: 

Off The Road, E-Bike, 

or Whatever You Are!


In response to yet another provocative article 
backed up by Toronto's cyclist Union 
that is meant to bring nothing but a flame 
to our ailing cycling eco-community. 
   Isn't keeping of our city's air clean and our planet green, the sky blue, sunsets and sunrises beautiful, streets quiet, Torontonians healthy and our future and future of our children bright - most important and common goal for all the cyclist and e-bikers above anything else in our huge TO, already overflown with so many smoldering cars, stuck idling in heavy and chronic traffic during the rush hour, flooding and congesting our streets almost 24/7 now, killing dozens of cyclist every year and slowly poisoning the rest of us every single day, while there's already more than enough asthmatic kids and lung cancer cases statistic around?
   Is the danger really that terribly great when an e-biker responsibly takes free bike lane solely for his or her own safety and our common safety on the road, just like any cyclist does, yet moving at the same as cyclist speed or often much slower, so that would justify any cyclist to push e-biker much closer to whizling cars and then yet try to pass e-biker on the right side being too busy with his own life? After all, how many cyclist are killed by e-bikers and how many by cars??
   And finally, isn't this time to unite our efforts for our own common good to push Ford for more bike lanes or push him out of the office, instead of watching him bringing yet even more cars to TO DT core and wowing to get rid of all lanes and put all cyclist even at much greater danger of death???
   In the light of these questions the problem of sharing lanes between cyclist and bikers looks simply miserable and mediocre at it's best and is nothing more than a plain selfishness of some rare cyclist once scared "to death" by unexpected weak beeping behind him - not Torontonians on behalf of which he tries to speak here and represent. As a matter of fact such articles can only spoil even more already badly spoiled image of Torontonians and give all nontorontonians just another reason to laugh and hate TO for it's selfishness, greed and lack of plain common sense and wisdom. 
   I can't believe how TO Cyclist Union is closely focused on pedals instead of focusing on much greater danger around them - cars. It's clearly a huge luck of vision and leadership and is simply compromising of all the highest goals of cycling itself.