Tuesday, October 5, 2010

South Seattle Community College Offers Electric Vehicle classes

Seattle, Washington — South Seattle Community College, in partnership with the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association, is offering a number of non-credit electric vehicle classes, including a six-day Electric Vehicle Conversionworkshop. Taught by a group of experienced instructors who have converted over two dozen vehicles, the six-day workshop guides students through the complete process of converting a vehicle from a gasoline engine to electric power. By the end of the workshop, the group will have completed one running electric car conversion capable of highway speeds, with a 30-60 mile range on one charge.

Electric Vehicle Conversion Workshop
Instructor: Ed Stegall
An intensive six days hands-on learning class that teaches the basics in converting a gasoline engine to electric power.
8 am – 5 pm M T W Th F Sat March 22-27 $899
Additional non-credit Electric Vehicle classes:

Electric Vehicle Safety Systems
Instructor: Roger Wright
Learn how to keep your electric vehicle safe; how a DC system works, what parts go into it, and why you should have these parts.
9 – 11:30 am Sat February 27 $35
** Enrollment is still open for the February 27 class. **
6:30 – 9 pm T May 25 $35

Introduction to AC Drives for Electric Vehicles
Instructors: Dan Bentler and Frank Jump
Learn the advantages and disadvantages of DC and AC motors. Gain valuable insight and knowledge of how AC drives work and how to apply them to vehicles. Class will provide hands-on operating demonstrations of motors and variable-frequency drives and other motors using bench-top equipment VFDs.
9 am – 4 pm Sat April 24 $65

Electric Vehicle Component Technology for Conversion
Instructor: Cory Cross
Learn about what parts go into a conversion and how they connect to each other. Strong emphasis placed on learning to read schematics and understanding why the parts are connected that way.
6 – 9 pm Th May 13 $45

Electric Vehicles – Batteries
Instructor: Stephen Johnsen
Topics include: general overview of popular suitable batteries for EVs; comparison of costs and specs on various batteries available; calculating the kWhr rating of my pack; how to extend battery life; charging and recycling of batteries.
6:30 – 9 pm T May 18 $45

Electric Bicycles
Instructor: Ed Stegall
Go through the process of actually converting a normal bike to electric. Class also covers bike safety, bike laws and basic maintenance and tips for doing your own conversion on your own or with a kit.
Class fee of $99 includes two sessions.
6 – 9 pm Th June 3
9 am – 4 pm Sat June 5
Electric Vehicle classes fill quickly and interested students are encouraged to sign up early.
Register online at www.LearnAtSouth.org, or call (260) 764-5339 for more information.

South Seattle Community College
The college’s Continuing Education division offers 150 classes each quarter, ranging from computer skills to cooking to home repair. Designed to fit into busy schedules, these classes offer the lifelong learner variety and flexibility, with online and classroom instruction.
Seattle Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA)
The Seattle Electric Vehicle Association was founded in 1979, with a mission to educate, demonstrate, and proliferate electric vehicles. The interests of SEVA members represent a wide spectrum of Electric Vehicle interests range from fast dragsters to NEVs, from home conversions to Teslas. For more information, visit the website at


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